Wagenaar Memorial Travel Scholarship

Wagenaar Memorial Travel Scholarship

We now invite applications for the Wagenaar memorial travel scholarship, for travel to SPUDM. This award is sponsored by the European Association for Decision Making, EADM. This scholarship was established in memory of EADM member Willem Wagenaar and his contributions to judgment and decision making research and the creation of our association. The purpose of the fund is to provide scholarships to subsidize attendance of the bi-annual SPUDM meeting. All scholars are eligible to apply.

Applications will be accepted until the 31th of March, 2017. The committee plans to make all award decisions by June 3rd, 2017. The committee anticipates making two awards for €500.

The required application form is attached. Please submit applications via e-mail as attachments in Word, .rtf, or .pdf format to treasurer@eadm.eu, with the subject “Wagenaar Application”.

About the Scholarship

Applicants should be scholars who will use the award to help pay for travel to SPUDM. It is anticipated that most awards will be granted to early-career faculty or advanced graduate students at colleges and universities, but others will also be considered.

Applicants should submit the application form, including a brief description of their intended scholarly activity during their visit and a copy of their curriculum vitae. The scholarship must be spent on attendance at SPUDM, possibly combined with a visit to a European institution. The description of activities should indicate the applicants’ planned activities during their travel and what he or she hopes to accomplish. It should also explain why the scholarship would be important for accomplishing these goals. Awards will be granted on the basis of the committee’s estimate of the prospective value of the proposed activity, its relevance to the field of judgment and decision research, the scholarly credentials of the applicant and the extent to which the award would contribute to the applicant’s success (including considerations of financial and academic need).

The committee for this year’s award consists of the EADM board members.